The Best Podcasts For Quantitative Finance (Top 10)

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What’s not to love about podcasts? They’re fun, convenient, and engaging, and they’re a great way to consume information while you go about your day. If you love them as much as we do here at Aikido finance, you’re going to enjoy this post. It’s our round-up of the best podcasts on quantitative investing, an area of investing very close to our hearts.

Let’s get started!

#1 The curious quant

The curious quant podcast is a series of discussions on quantitative investing between professionals in the technology, financial services, and data sciences fields. The show focuses on the application of new data and methodologies to common financial market problems.

It’s hosted by Michael Kollo, an accomplished academician with a Ph.D. in finance from the London School of Academics, where he lectured in Quantitative finance. It aims to promote better discussions on the ever-increasing applications of quantitative analysis.

#2 Invest like the best

Invest like the best” shares the ideas, methods, and personal experiences of successful individuals to help you better invest your time and money. The podcast holds a special place in our hearts because the host’s father wrote the book that defines Aikido Finance’s investment philosophy – What Works on Wall Street.

Obviously, that’s not the only reason why it’s featuring here. Patrick shares impactful investment knowledge on his podcast. He is also an accomplished portfolio manager and author in his own right.   His podcast is one of the best places to get helpful investment advice.

#3 Grant’s current yield

In this podcast, Jim Grant and Evan Lorenz discuss high finance along with other hosts. The discussions are loaded with lots of historical context, wit, and Grant’s trademark sarcasm, so they’re quite entertaining. Grant’s ideas about central banking guided the U.S. Federal Reserve’s actions in handling the global financial crisis of 2007-2009 – his commentary on this show is deep and insightful. It will make you a better quantitative investor.

#3 Chat with traders

Aaron, this show’s host, has candid discussions with financial experts from diverse fields. From high-frequency algorithm programmers to discretionary click-traders from both the proprietary and retail trading industries.  He also interviews current and former bankers, trading psychologists, and even former criminals like Turney Duff.

What sets this show apart is that it’s not just a narration of the exploits and experiences of these individuals, but a live cross-examination of all the guests, with all the emotional and personal nuance. If you want to understand how financial trading and markets work, you should listen to this podcast.

#4 Flirting with models

Flirting with models is a quantitative finance podcast that will teach you how to research, design, develop and manage quantitative investment strategies. It will do so by introducing you to the investors who do these things in real life.  Corey Hoffestein, the show’s host, explores a broad range of investment strategies with his guests, from value to momentum, merger arbitrage, and many others.  It’s a great place to learn about quantitative investing.

#5 The Meb Faber Show with Meb Faber

Meb Faber manages the portfolio at Cambria Investment Management, an advisory firm focused on quantitative asset management and alternative investments. He is an expert in quantitative finance. He has written several research white papers and books on investing and is a respected finance author.  He is a voice that many people looking to learn about investing listen to, and with good reason.

Meb has an excellent podcast, and he covers several investing-related topics and hosts exciting guests.

#6 The investor’s podcast

Preston Pysch and Stig Broderson deliver lots of great content on this show, and they’ve got the stats to prove it. their podcast has been downloaded over 9 million times! – a testament to the fantastic work they’re doing.  The podcast covers various topics on investing and offers in-depth conversations with prominent investors. If you’re planning to read an investing book, chances are that this shows hosts have interviewed the author.

#7 Trend following Radio

Michael Covel’s podcast is an excellent pick if you’re tired of hearing the same stories repeated on CNBC and other traditional news channels. He explores alternative views on investing and often features exciting guests, including world-famous investors and Noble prize winners.  Though this show covers a broad range of topics, it will occasionally explore the quantitative investing field, so it’s worth a listen.

#8 The Acquirer’s podcast

The Acquirer’s podcast focuses on strategies and techniques for finding profitable investments, mitigating risk, managing setbacks, and making the most of success. Through in-depth interviews with seasoned investors, Tobias shows you how to find undervalued stocks, deep-value investing, hedge funds, buyouts, and special situations.  Unlike most of the podcasts on this list, the interviews are posted on youtube. This means you can have it in video format if you like.

#9 Bloomberg Masters in business

The Masters in Business podcast is hosted by Barry Ritholtz, the Chief investment officer at Ritholz Wealth management. His show attracts several well-known individuals, like Aswath Damodaran, Bill Miller, former manager of the Legg Mason Value Trust, and William McNabb, the CEO of Vanguard.  Jack’s 50+ years of experience in the financial industry allow him to deliver perspective in a way that few others can match. His show is a must-listen.

#10 Orion’s the weighing machine

Orion’s the weighing machine” is a podcast for financial advisors who want to get better at their craft. The show’s hosts cut through market noise and focus instead on time-tested fundamentals that help investors and financial advisors achieve their long-term financial goals.  Each podcast episode includes a discussion on market headlines (with a special guest) and a review of weekly commentary from the Orions investment team.


Well, that’s our list of the best podcasts on quantitative finance. We hope you’ll love the discussions as much as we do.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to get into quantitative investing but worry you don’t have the skill or resources to do so. Aikido Finance is one of the best places to get started. We’ve got plenty of helpful content on quantitative investing, and our automated investing strategies can help you achieve your financial dreams with minimal experience. Get started for free today.

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