The Best Algo Trading channels on YouTube (2022)

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Algorithmic trading, or algo trading as it is more commonly known, is one of our most popular topics here at Aikido finance, and with good reason. It is rational, accurate, and can be cost-effective.

This post will continue our discussions on algorithmic trading with a review of the best YouTube channels on the subject.

But, before we get to that, here’s a brief refresher.

What is algo trading?

Algorithmic trading is a strategy for executing orders that relies on automated pre-programmed trading instructions. Essentially, using computer algorithms to invest – it is a form of quantitative investing. The instructions account for variables like price, fundamentals, time, and volume. This approach takes advantage of computers’ speed and information processing capabilities in contrast to human traders. While It can be a very profitable strategy, it can also be very complicated.  For algorithmic trading to work, you need to find accurate validation and back-testing methods, along with effective risk management techniques.

This means that you will probably need to learn several new skills if you come into algo trading from a non-technical background. But there’s no need to worry because there is lots of high-quality content on getting started.

Our mission at Aikido Finance is to demystify algo trading and give everyone access. No coding or financial knowledge required.

What are the best YouTube algo trading channels?

If you want to learn about algo trading, youtube is one of the best places to start. It offers helpful content on the topic in a variety of formats, so you will always find something that works for you.

Here are some of the best algo trading channels for you to consider

#1 QuantInsti

QuantInsti is packed with educational content (both long and short form) for analysts, traders, and quantitative investors. It will help you get better at quantitative investing.

The courses are designed and offered by well-respected thought leaders and educators like

  • Laurent Bernat
  • Rd. Ernest P Cha
  • Dr. Thomas Starke
  • NSE Academy
  • Interactive brokers,. 

Quanta’s content is fun and engaging. Each theory is tested in a real-world scenario using real markets data, spreadsheet data models, and programming languages like Python.

The Quant channel helps you learn quantitative investing by offering content on 3 important aspects of quantitative investing

New Ideas

The channel explores various strategy paradigms in algorithmic and quantitative trading. They include mean reversion strategies, time series forecasting, machine learning strategies, and many others.

Strategy implementation

The channel also has videos on coding and automation strategies in Python. This content will help you learn how to test your trading strategies on historical data. It will also show you how to mitigate risk and implement automated trading on a live trading platform.

Portfolio growth

You get to learn how to exploit successful strategies. The courses cover using technology to quickly grow your portfolio using a similar approach across unique instruments and asset classes.

#2 The trading channel

The trading channel is a YouTube extension of Forex trader and Trading coach Steven Hart’s online education platform.  The channel has over 100 videos on algorithm trading topics like

  • PAFX signal tracking
  • signal breakdown analysis
  • GBPJPY scalping.

While Steven Hart adopts a shorter term approach to his trading, rather than the long-term approach we take at Aikido Finance, he does insist upon the importance of using a rules-based, systematic approach (which we can totally get behind!)

#3 Tradeoptionswithme

Tradeoptionswithme is dedicated to helping new investors achieve their financial goals by providing industry-leading information, guidance, education, and recommendations at no cost. 

It covers several topics on algorithmic trading. They include

  • options, crypto, stocks, forex strategies
  • general trading education
  • algorithmic trading strategies. 

This channel also has a website,, which provides additional content and subscription courses on the same subject.

Despite how the name might sound, the Youtube channel is actually very broad and covers many different areas of algotrading including how to backtest.

#4 Algo trader

As the name suggests, Algo trader is all about algorithmic trading.  The channel covers everything you need to know about building your own trading bots from scratch using the python programming language.  The author covers all the essential coding basics and shows how to apply them to your automated trading strategies.

#5 Critical-Trading

David Fiacan, the creator of this channel, says he started it as an alternative to trading websites that prefer to market ineffective content. His track record clearly shows that he means business.

Dave has covered several topics on quantitative investing.  His videos include critical evaluations of algorithmic trading subjects like candlestick patterns, indicators, Algorithmic trading mechanisms, market behavior, supply and demand trading, No indicator trading, and many others.

#6 The transparent trader

The transparent trader channel is all about helping traders become more profitable. Its primary focus is

Mechanical, rule-based trading strategies offered and one-on-one training sessions. Unlike most trading channels on the internet, the author offers personal coaching and training services. He’ll help you implement and test your ideas through coding and back-testing and provide personal advice on making your strategies more profitable.


That’s it for our list of the best algo trading channels on YouTube. There’s more than enough there to have you become an expert quant in no time!

We’re also here to help if you want to learn more about algorithmic trading. You can learn how to create an automated stock trading strategy here.

Aikido finance has a vibrant community and open platform for you to use algo trading strategies. Join us for free today.

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